To start ntc-rosetta-cpnf you can use its command line:

$ ntc-rosetta-conf serve --help
Usage: ntc-rosetta-conf serve [OPTIONS]

  --datamodel [openconfig|ntc]    Datamodel to use
  --pid-file TEXT                 PID file
  --log-level [debug|info|warning|error]
                                  Logging level
  --data-file TEXT                Path to json file to load data from and save
                                  on commit
  --listen-on-localhost-only      Listen on localhost only
  --port INTEGER                  Port to listen to
  --ssl-crt TEXT                  SSL Certificate for the webserver
  --ssl-key TEXT                  Private key for the webserver
  --ca-crt TEXT                   CA certificate used to sign client
  --help                          Show this message and exit.